Machine Design and  Automation providers for 24 years.  Hundreds of customers.  Grants are available for manufacturers to help reduce costs.

Business to Business

We have for the past 24 years provided machine design, machine automation and product development  for businesses small and international.   With second-to-none research and a highly experienced engineering team we can tackle any project to develop new products and the machines to make those products.
Spilling tons of money into research and development may not hurt efforts, but it also does not guarantee positive results. Blue Dolphin’s engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience utilizing state-of-the-art equipment they can think outside your box to develop creative ideas that are one in a million.

“It is that kind of dexterity that allows Blue Dolphin to work across the spectrum of innovation, we don’t box in ourselves so that we won’t box in a client.” – Mark Jackson