Ask us about receiving 40 hours of our engineering / design time at NO COST!  We have been serving clients for 23 years and have the lowest rates in California.

Business to Business

Progress and evolution are essential to thriving businesses. Whether you are Apple, Starbucks, or a mom-and-pop start-up, you cannot survive long term without new ideas.
Based in the San Joaquin Valley, Blue Dolphin has contributed worldwide to customers’ product development with second-to-none research and a highly experienced development team for the past 23 years.
In the age of social media, people are used to the latest and greatest being only a keystroke or swipe away. Companies constantly have to be on their toes, keeping up with the pace to offer consumers new products. Blue Dolphin is here to help turn your innovative ideas into profitable inventions that keep your customers coming back.
We strive to help companies give their consumers something they have never seen, creating entirely new market channels that lead to new interests and new funders.
Spilling tons of money into research and development may not hurt efforts, but it also does not guarantee positive results. Blue Dolphin’s engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience utilizing state-of-the-art equipment they can think outside your box to develop creative ideas that are one in a million.

“It is that kind of dexterity that allows Blue Dolphin to work across the spectrum of innovation, we don’t box in ourselves so that we won’t box in a client.” – Mark Jackson