About Us

Millions of inventions are thought up and then forgotten; potentially game changing products never making it to the marketplace. If you have an idea for an invention, you need the vital resources that will help you bring your ideas to life quickly. This ensures that you reap the benefits rather than waiting and watching someone else to benefit from a similar idea.
Our professional team can help you realize your dreams, starting at the drawing board. We provide the tools you need for the success you want. Contact us with your questions or ideas. Even if you are dissatisfied with experiences you have had in dealing with other companies, Blue Dolphin can provide you with the opportunity to successfully bring your idea to life.
Blue Dolphin has successfully helped clients develop their inventions for the past 23 years and has been featured on the cover of Sky Mall magazine. We are your local turnkey solution. If you have an idea or are ready for your rapid prototype, come to us. We can help you think of fresh perspectives, which will help your precepts, and get the solutions and results you are desire.

Meet Our Team

Mark Jackson


Spike Roseman

Engineering Manager/Mechanical Engineer

Amanda Duvall-Graham

Office Manager

Kent Pelisari

Manager of Productuers

Linda Romero

Design Engineer

Emily Jackson

Mechanical Engineer

Abraham Kezirian

Mechanical Engineer

Timofey Volkov

Engineering Intern

Andy Graham

Machine Shop Manager