3D Prototyping Tech Unveiled During Madera, California Event

Business Owners, Educators and Community Leaders Captivated During Showcase of 3D Printers at Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering.

The process of printing in a three dimensional space is part science, part art. That is why Blue Dolphin R&D, a Blue Dolphin Design and Engineering Company, was selected to host a 3D printer showcase, featuring its unique prototyping capabilities.

The showcase featured demonstrations and details of FM and PolyJet printing methods. Blue Dolphin Owner/President Mark Jackson and GoEngineer resident 3D printing expert Tyler Reid spoke on those and several other related topics giving a more detailed and expansive understanding of what makes 3D printing so valuable.

The event, sponsored by GoEngineering and catered by Pardini’s, was attended by regional business owners, educators and community leaders. In addition, Blue Dolphin R&D also raffled off $1,000 in 3D printing to one lucky attendee.

GoEngineer chose Blue Dolphin R&D to host the demonstration because the company houses the most sophisticated 3D printer available for public use in the San Joaquin Valley. With more than 150 years of engineering experience, its R&D division has the knowledge and expertise to help people and companies uncover design innovations in order to invent and produce more effective products.

Owner Mark Jackson commented, “One of Blue Dolphin’s missions aligned with its R&D division is to offer an outside take on innovation. When a company’s R&D department or engineers seek help, or when a company becomes stagnant in its product development, we offer fresh insight that can move projects forward within a reasonable budget. Partnering with companies like GoEngineer enables our community to be exposed to technology most of us normally only read about or see on TV”.

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