Special Report: We Are Fresno

A 36-year old Clovis man has turned his brilliant idea into reality by manufacturing a paper towel holder which also charges your electronic devices made possibly by product design, development and prototyping by Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering.

BDDE owner Mark Jackson and his team have tools like computer aided design programs and one of the only 3D printers in the central San Joaquin Valley available for the public to use. The $60 thousand dollar machine created Mr. Whitlach’s first working prototype which allowed him to make his proof of concenpt into a viable product ready for manufacturing. The Towel Hub is being offered via Sky Mall magazine and on Amazon.

Jackson encourages designers to keep their ideas straightforward. “The simplest solution is going to have the lowest cost to design, lowest cost to prototype, the lowest cost to produce.”

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Blue Dolphin Engineering