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REX EMS Rapid Extraction System


The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) needed a system that was compact and lightweight for the bicycle Advance Life Support (ALS) teams to transport patients where ambulances could not go.


REX came to Blue Dolphin with an idea to create a lightweight and compact patient transport device for the bicycle ALS teams to use. Blue Dolphin worked closely with REX, and was able to generate a prototype for the new patient transport system in a short period of time. The REX patient transport system used conventional and CNC prototyping systems to create a fully functional prototype that was tested in real life situations. The new, lightweight patient transport device revolutionized the mobile medical industry and made it possible for one ALS team member to transport multiple patients. The REX EMS is fully collapsible and can be carried by one team member able to haul more than twenty times the base weight. In 2010, at the EMS World Expo, REX EMS’s new patient transport system was awarded Innovation of the Year and can now be found in almost all EMS companies worldwide.

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