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Simple Drip©


RainDrip needed to have a new product developed from design to production and they only had a short time to get it done.


With the need to develop a new innovative drip irrigation product for mass production, RainDrip reached out to Blue Dolphins Design & Engineering team in order for them to get their new product, Simple Drip©, to market before the drip irrigation sale season began. With Blue Dolphin’s ability to 3D print in house, they were able make an iteration of RainDrip’s product in a day and design, test, evaluate and redesign the prototype. It was critical for Blue Dolphin to finish the design on time because if the deadline for the sale season for drip irrigation was missed, the product introduction would have been delayed by a year. Simple Drip© was delivered on time and was sold nationwide in Lowes and Orchard Supply Hardware and is still on sale today.

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