Customer Showcase: MPC Containment

One of our customers, MPC Containment is a large company that designs a wide variety of products for a wide spectrum of different uses; liners for reservoirs, large piping, floating covers and collapsible storage tanks. These are products that see operation in harsh and challenging conditions.

One product in particular has very rigorous challenges to face; collapsible storage tanks. To be exact, collapsible storage tanks designed to hold thousands of gallons of military grade jet fuel in the searing heat of desert conditions. With such an important job, they needed a novel and surefire way to test their product. Thats where we came in.

The needs of this product boiled down to a few things. They needed a way to test the strength of the fabric in high temperature conditions, under a specified load, and which soaked in jet fuel.

After stringent research, testing, and design, a final product was produced. This product, places a sample of their fabric in a chamber with fuel. That chamber is then subjected to a specific amount of heat, and the sample is stretched with the desired amount of weight.

This product was a welcome challenge for a variety of reasons. Not only did it have to subject the fabric to exacting conditions, but it had to do so in a controlled manner, reliably, and safely.

We thank MPC Containment for the opportunity to work on such an interesting, and challenging project.

If you have a challenge for us, we hope to hear from you!

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