Meet Wind Mule Energy

Smarter wind and cleaner power

What happens when you join a brilliant idea with the expertise to get it done? Results. Which is what we’re aiming for. Wind Mule and Blue Dolphin have joined forces to take wind power generation to the next level. With a fresh take on the turbines of old, Blue Dolphin has partnered with Wind Mule’s patented technology to create Wind Mule Energy, LLC.  The idea is to create what we hope is a widespread source of renewable energy that efficiently harnesses the wind.

How exactly? We’ll use a sophisticated branch of fluid mechanics called Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, to develop a functional design model. Our goal will be to use our CFD software to optimize the device to be the most efficient, cheapest and, overall, best it can be. 

CFD modeling is used in many industries to beef up and improve the performance of many different mechanical objects, from airplane wings to cargo ship turbines, vacuum cleaners to spacecraft, pumps and even rocket engines. With this approach applied to concepts created by Wind Mule Energy, the sky is the limit.

For more information about Wind Mule Energy or how we can utilize CFD in your application, please contact us.

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