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Welcome Alex Beytia to the Blue Dolphin Team!

We would like to introduce and welcome our newest member of the Blue Dolphin Team, Alex Beytia.

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How 3D Printing Can Help You

Three-dimensional printing is ideal for businesses to explore how to bring a new product to market without the expensive costs associated with traditional prototyping methods. Rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology helps companies build models in a matter of hours, not weeks. It also saves thousands of dollars in manufacturing and production costs. 3D printing companies offer a great value for organizations that have the concept in mind but lack a way to create it in-house.

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How 3D Printing Works

The process of 3D printing seems daunting at first but it’s actually a very easy technology to work with. Engineers help companies create a virtual product design using special computer software designed specifically for 3D printing jobs. If you have an existing product in hand, the sample can be copied using a 3D scanner that creates the necessary computer files.  A more complex process involves the creation of a virtual prototype of the product using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

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How 3D Printing Makes Your Dreams a Reality

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is one of the hottest technologies sweeping the country right now. The value of 3D printing is practically limitless; it’s used in everything from brain surgery to middle school science projects. The technology is also gaining traction among entrepreneurs who know that 3D printing is a great way to make their dreams a reality.

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